the beauty of fragility

It’s an early Sunday morning. I will meet Margo and Frieda on an allotment site somewhere in the crowded west side of the Netherlands. But here in the small garden house, surrounded by nature it’s surprisingly quiet. Today we will tell the story of a nature girl and the flowers, earth, plants and nature around her. She shows us the beauty of imperfection. Nature is fragile and unpredictable. Within the transience and fragility of man and nature lies its strength and beauty. The stillness and purity of fragility bring us back to the moment and to ourselves. This is a response to the increasingly bigger role that ‘made beauty’ plays in todays Western society. We believe the world is beautiful as it is with all its flaws and vulnerabilities. It’s a naive, surreal and poetic little story. Styling by FriedaMaria.

Gardenhouse 10:00 a.m.
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