Shaken not stirred

As I turn up the driveway I see this sleek modern villa in these quiet wooded surroundings. It’s quite a contrast, but than again people who are in the fashion business, like the owners, often have a good taste for a glamorous lifestyle. This place has a Hollywood feel to it, the red marble fireplace, the piano shaped swimming pool, the cocktail bar with diamond chandelier and black leather wing chairs and even black leather wall panels …. I could easily imagine this place as a set of a James Bond movie with 007 drinking a martini shaken not stirred at the bar. And maybe that’s what this house represents. Achieving the so called American dream by hard work. Starting out with one fashion shop and years later the owners have created their own store chain. The business is sold by now which allows them to enjoy their life in luxury.

Netherlands 10:50 a.m.
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