On a winter’s day

It’s one of these extraordinary days, which we don’t have often here in the Netherlands. A blue sky and a fine layer of fresh snow. I am on my way to pick up some photographic supplies from the store as I receive a phone call from the home front. Do you have your camera with you and can you turn around? I hear at the other side of the line. Eh, yeah, why? It’s such a beautiful day, you just have to go outside and take pictures to capture this unique moment, I am told. My mind was set on something else, but this is surely a too rare of a chance to let it slip away. So I head off to this area, called the Stulp. It’s a perfect winter scenery the reflection in the water of the white Charolais cows grazing next to the Lake ‘Fluff’ (we call it het pluismeertje) and the pine trees in the background … After a few hours I have captured this extraordinary winter’s day, my shoes are soaked by the snow and my feet are freezing, but I am happy and on my way again …

Lage Vuursche 10:00 a.m.
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