Oh, this castle is just

So beautiful and richly decorated. It must be like a dream to live here. A romantic castle with lots of towers, a castle-moat, a drawbridge and of course the gardens surrounding the castle with the ancient trees. The owners are sitting outside on the terrace as I arrive at an early Sunday morning and it seems like a perfect picture. The owner shows me a around the castle with more than thirty rooms. Each room has been completely re-styled from ceiling to floor, including the curtains, wall panels, painting, door handles every little detail is thought of. At first sight it is hard to believe that this is done by private owners, but as former antique dealers they just have a great sense of decoration. Each room is tastefully decorated and has its own story. The owner has had no training, but is just a natural talent. I am glad that I am not an editor, it’s impossible to choose just a few pictures to show of this immensely beautiful and impressive castle.

Belgium 13:35 p.m.
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