medlar picking

Medlar trees are quite hard to find, but … in our neighbours garden there’s a medlar tree. Fortunately we have very nice neighbours, so we could pick the medlars. From the beginning of November, each day we looked out of the window, to see if the medlar were already starting to decay and falling of the tree. A few weeks later they were finally ready. Medlars is one of those fruits that can be picked easily. A ladder, a basket and an extra pair of hands that’s all we need. For children it’s fun to help. They take turns balancing on top of the ladder and than shake the tree. The other one standing beneath has to avoid the medlars falling on his head, which off course creates a lot of fun. A basket full of medlars is enough for about 12 or more jars of delicious homemade medlar jelly. And off course the neighbours are eating medlar jelly as well.

Laren 13:00 p.m.
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