living with the elements

Our contact is Ellen, owner of cafe De Welvaart on the island Ameland. Ellen is very nice, welcoming and helpful. But above all she is very involved in the preservation of culture and history of Ameland. She knows everyone and introduces us to people who can tell this island’s story. Like the men of the horses lifeboat. These are tough mariners with deeply furrowed faces, just like their ancestors, who lived on whaling, fishing and merchant shipping. This island and its traditions are inextricably linked to the sea and all the dangers and hardships associated with it. These are men of hard work and few words, hardened by living with the elements and the isolated life. The horses were cast in the same mold. Tough, strong, robust work horses who don’t shrink back from the dangers of the sea. Today, there are still lifeboat demonstrations and that is very impressive, not only as a spectacle but foremost as a living proof of an island steeped in tradition.

Ameland 13:30 p.m.
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