Like a vermeer painting

This area is known for its fruit trees blossoming in springtime. It is an idyllic picture; the gentle villages build around the churches, the new-born lambs hopping in the fields and the beautiful white and pink blossoms on the trees. But here I am, visiting Pieneke’s home in the depth of winter. Which is in this case a good choice, because her home is painted and decorated in these different shades of grey. The pale Nordic light of winter brings out these subtleties to the full. It looks like a scene from a 17th-century painting. Just like the Vermeer replica of the girl with a pearl earring, hanging on the wall. After I took the portrait picture of Pieneke with her grandchild this feeling is reinforced; the granddaughter could have been walking away from a painting. Pieneke owns a shop in country style home decorations and she uses her home as a showroom as well. It’s a family run business. Her husband and daughters are helping and grandchildren are running in and out. It all has a real warm, friendly and welcoming feel to it.

Betuwe 11:15 a.m.
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