infectious positivity

Saskia is a great stylist and a very enthusiastic, cheerful person with an infectious positivity. I have worked with her on several commercial photoshoots. Besides being a stylist she’s also a colour consultant for major paint company Histor and a mother of two daughters. Off course a great stylist has a great home (at least in most cases), so we planned a photoshoot. Saskia lives on IJburg, a series of artificial created islands in Amsterdam. The houses on IJburg are designed in building blocks by different architects. The houses in one block are exactly the same. Within this uniformity Saskia has created her own personal living space. It’s a strong mix of spacious, clean and simple shapes, but yet peaceful and warm. I can imagine, being a colour consultant for your own home is not that easy. But here she just nailed it. The colour palette is well chosen because it is so distinct, but still harmonious and shows of the vintage designs at it’s best.

Amsterdam 14:30 p.m.
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