Ikea loves vintage

It seems that the Jack Russell is a recurring theme. In the many homes I visit they either have children, or a cat, or a Jack Russel, or a combination thereof. I meet Jack Russell’s in castles, farmhouses in the countryside and in urban homes like Anne-Liese’s. Anne-Liese lives here with her boyfriend and a Jack Russel. Which is fun because even though these dogs are very energetic and wilful, they also portray well. Anne- Liese is a fashion stylist, but she also has a great sense of interior styling. In her home she mixes Ikea furniture with vintage finds. The vintage designs speak for themselves because they are placed as solitary objects in a white space. An old painting is hanging above the Ikea sofa. I ask if the painting is a family piece because the woman portrayed resembles Anne-Liese. Funnily enough it is pure coincidence, but Anne-Liese and her family had noticed the resemblance as well and therefore the portrait was placed prominently above the sofa.

Utrecht 11:55 a.m.
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