fall, kids & mushrooms

Fall, probably the most beautiful season of all. Nature shows itself in all it’s extremes. Late summer days and stormy weather alternate. The beauty of leaves fluttering down the ground, while rays of light are gently filtered through the foliage. The special smell of leaves covered with rain- drops, a combination of moist and wood. Children just love to go outside in the woods this time of year. Staying inside is an option for later as soon as winter, with it’s icy cold days, comes knocking on our doors. Casa Foresta’s Edwin Flores takes us for a walk in the forest and he’s showing us all the edible things nature has to offer during fall. The sun sets early this time of year and after a brisk walk everybody is feeling hungry and
cold. So time for a campfire, some warm homemade soup, self roasted sausages and bread.

The forests 14:30 p.m.
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