Enough space here

After a brief introduction on the intercom the solid oak gate swings open and I follow the winding road up to the house. On the left there’s a pond with swans and before me the villa unfolds itself. The villa is positioned open in the landscape and appears to be floating. It’s a sleek architectural square box with a floating roof. At first glance, everything appears to be ground floor. But once inside, I see that there is a level underneath it. There’s enough space here. Although not only the dimensions contribute to the spacious feel but foremost it’s the openness of the building. The windows reach from floor to ceiling. Clearly, money is no object here. This home is equipped with every imaginable comfort and luxury, such as a cinema, a fitness room, an indoor pool and a acclimatized wine cellar. We end the day with a fine glass of a fresh white wine, which is almost inevitable with a wine lover as my host of today.

Netherlands 14:05 p.m.
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