Done intuitively

I got Karin’s address from an interior decorator. The name of Karin topped her list because she has such a beautiful and stylish home. I called Karen to ask if I could photograph her house and she answered: yes, no, eh … I’m not finished yet. Six months later I finally made an appointment with her. As soon as I entered her home she apologized for all the stuff in the hall which didn’t find a place in her home yet. Karen just loves to collect mostly ethnic things and she ranks everything with a lot of care. Her home is her pride and joy. The decoration is an ongoing process and occasionally time is fixed for a while, but then everything changes again. The house has a real calming feel to it because everything is coordinated. The decoration was done intuitively. The furnishing matches entirely with the function that each room has been given. This is a house with balance and that makes Karin a born stylist with a lot of attention for detail.

Apeldoorn 10:00 a.m.
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