Grazy laboratory

It’s one of these typical seventies office buildings. A lot of concrete on the outskirts of Paris. But inside this grey, dull environment I enter the colourful world of Lyndie. Just too much to look at ….. little objects everywhere. Lyndie calls her creations un cabinet de curiosit√© miniscules. I am not sure how to translate this, but somehow it sounds more poetic in French anyway. Her studio is a cabinet de curiosit√© itself and in this secret laboratory Lyndie changes paper and lightweight fabrics in unique and precious jewels, which she puts in countless little treasure boxes or she ranks them under cloches. Her treasures together are all elements of a collection. They are labelled and numbered. Boxes with birds, butterflies, fish and mushrooms, but also macabre objects like skulls, skeletons and organs. In her work, nature is a major source of inspiration, biology in all its complex facets, which she again mixes with her frail world of childish fantasy and lightness ….

Paris 10:35 a.m.
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