Chainsaw action

I met Rolf at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. Funny enough I met him on the crowded streets of the Zona Tortona. Unlike other designers, Rolf didn’t exhibit in an expensive depot or garage to show his designs. He was standing in front of a cafe with a self-designed piece of furniture on wheels. Which is typically Rolf. He is a performing artist, who provokes other designers with his objects. His attitude appealed to me and we made an appointment for photography of his Rotterdam home. Being an architect (as well) he completely rebuilt his home, just leaving the facade and skeleton. Anything that did not apply was removed. The interior design is rough and industrial, with lots of space for art. Rolf is an architect who gives a new meaning to an existing form. This is what he does in his furniture designs, as well. Here comes the chainsaw into the story! He takes a bite out of an old antique cabinet with a chainsaw and fills it with some loud orange stuff. Rolf is a man of few words, or rather; he is a man of action.

Rotterdam 09:30 a.m.
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