caroline’s veggie garden

Caroline is a graphic designer, but also really passionate about her veggie garden. Every minute of her free time she spends working in her garden. She’s one of those people who knows everything about anything that grows out there, just by trying, experimenting, learning and reading. Everything Caroline harvests is processed in home made recipes. The most unexpected forgotten vegetables, flowers and herbs are combined by Caroline in pure simple flavours. She is always looking for new things that are edible, or rather things that have long existed but are forgotten about by most people. Like bleaching the leaves of dandelions under cloches, so they get a very special taste and are processed again in a salad. Caroline throws nothing away, each branch has a role and even the weeds are still used, thus she’s creating her own ecological cycle. Besides all her gardening activities she also wrote a great cookbook: Wild fennel and rhubarb (Wilde venkel en rabarber). For all lovers of good food who are so lucky to have a vegetable garden.

Rotterdam 14:30 p.m.
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