black violets

Late May is a wonderful time for garden photography. The garden of Sander and Toine is beautiful right now. I met Toine and Sander a few years ago through there company Raw interiors. Earlier, I photographed their house, a lovely renovated farmhouse in a small village somewhere between the meadows outside Breda. I have visited Toine and Sander every once in a while during the past three years and saw the garden slowly evolving from the original design into what it is nowadays. The garden architecture is well thought-out. The vastness is optimized by the sight lines from the house across the garden with the view on the meadows in the distance. The garden reveals the power of Toine and Sander, who designed everything themselves. Having a landscaping background is of course an advantage for them. The design combines multiple functions of tranquillity, vastness, view, shelter, and at the same time it is an extension of the house with an outdoor living space.

Breda 14:00 p.m.
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