Apples & pears

It’s about to become a family tradition. Every year around fall we drive down to the South of Holland. Holland is small, so after a two hour drive we arrive in Limburg. Here it’s hilly, rural and just beautiful with these small villages with original timbered houses. Usually we spent our days walking through the hills, but we always take our camera with us, just in case … In this case somebody told us about a farmer who’s still making sirup in a traditional way. So the next day we visit this man who’s working in one of the barns on a castle domain, just across the Belgian border. Outside we already see the stacks of crates filled with apples and pears. Once inside, we meet the farmer, who is busy stirring in the copper kettle. He’s a really gentle and a bit of a shy man, but once he starts talking about the sirup making he turns out to be really passionate about his work and hobby. The sirup making is a family tradition, from father to son. The copper kettle was also passed from father to son. There’s also a story to tell about this kettle …..

Belgium 16:00 p.m.
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