American typewriter

Finding Annemoon’s place wasn’t that easy. I had been walking up and down the street a few times before I called her. Look up, she said over the phone; do you see the house above the gate? That’s my place. So finally I enter her home, but even more it feels as if I step into her world. It’s a feeling. Why? I can not point my finger at it. Maybe it’s because her individuality speaks from every detail in her house or maybe it’s because she has something fragile about her. The space is deliberately left simple with the bare wooden floors and stripped doors. Many of her furnishings are found on the street or came from her grandmother’s house. She also puts furniture together herself. Handmade, nostalgia, personal, vintage, typography, collecting and American typewriter are Annemoon’s keywords. The typewriter is useless, but nice to look at according to Annemoon. No wonder she loves that …. after all she is a graphic designer with a weak spot for nostalgic things.

Utrecht 14:30 p .m.
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