A perfect cappuccino

It is drizzling when I arrive at the white villa built in the thirties of the last century. I ring the doorbell and the owner opens the door with a seven months old baby on his arm. While talking we walk towards the kitchen where he makes a perfect cappuccino with just one hand while the other arm is still occupied by the baby quietly following our conversation. This scenery reminds me of women in Africa who continue their daily work while their child is dangling on their back in a sling. The doorbell rings again and Dolf arrives with a bus full of stuff to finish of the styling. Dolf works at bij den Dom in Utrecht and they decorated and furnished this home. While Dolf is busy styling the place, I am wandering through the house and noticing that the original construction and decorative elements are still there and given a new touch. Even the seventies tableau on the chimney, fits into the whole. When it finally stops raining, we quickly go out armed with towels to dry of the patio furniture and finish the outdoor photoshoot.

Amersfoort 09:10 a.m.
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