A colourful world

The rain just stopped as I arrive at this former factory site, just outside the centre of Paris. Around here everything is sandy, grey and industrial, but when I take a peek through the slightly open doors I notice a huge steal support beam painted yellow. Is this an ode to the industrial past of this building or is it a first glimpse of Nathalie Lete’s colourful world? Nathalie is nowhere in sight but than a few minutes later she suddenly appears in front of me. She just came back from a trip from Japan with her daughter; who has the same ambitions as her mother. We talk and after working a few hours Nathalie suddenly rushes out after a phone call. It turns out the gallery, she shares with her husband, is flooded by the extensive rainfall. That day I see her only at the end of the day again. Too bad we were just working well together in the photoshoot, but than again her house and studio are a source of inspiration and my camera follows it’s way by itself through this colourful eclectic world which Nathalie has created.

Paris 09:15 a.m.
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