A colourful Christmas

Pippelotta and Lux are all exited that we are coming by today to take pictures of Pippelotta’s home. They put on their most beautiful dresses for the photoshoot and are so sweet and playful. Just as the other kids, Just and Ole (who are Lux’s big brothers). And Pippelotta’s sisters Sannalina and Majbritt. Their names sound just like characters from a Swedish childrens book. Which is no coincidence, because their mother Ewa is half- Swedish. Ewa and her longtime friend Natalie both have roots in Sweden and both love colourful home accessories, so they started a Nordic webshop called Noords. Working together, travelling together and even in Christmas time they come in and out each other homes. Natalie lives just around the corner and even their kids are best friends as well. During Christmas time their homes are decorated with a mix of old family pieces and the most colourful Christmas decorations from the Noords collection.

Noords 11:30 a.m.
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