photography - styling - production by henny van belkom & javotte gustafsson

Henny van Belkom

Henny started his career as a freelance photographer over 10 years ago. He completed the Artemis Styling Academy in Amsterdam and after graduating began working as an interior stylist in various areas, including photo productions. He soon realised however that his real interest and passion lay in photography and chose to pursue a career as an interior photographer. After training with various well-established photographers, he began working as a freelance.

Henny now works for various interior design and lifestyle magazines in the Netherlands and abroad.

Henny on photography: "Basically I'm enthusiastic, impulsive and a little restless; that's my nature. But when I look through the lens and focus on my subject, I find peace. The exposure time of the camera gives me space to enjoy the moment and the serenity enables me to create atmosphere in my pictures."

Javotte Gustafsson

After working as an art director for eight years it was time to take a new path. Being an art director is having a good eye for composition, originality and creativity. It also taught me to look at photography in an editorial way. These and other qualities are useful in working as a stylist. Besides that the continuous flow of ideas for new features and styling is an on-going process. The collaboration with Henny originated from that as a fluent process. It was just a natural step to start working as a freelance. Being able to structure my own time gives me a balance between professional and private life. Henny and I are able to encourage and inspire each other. This way of working gives a lot of freedom and allows me to utilize my creativity to the full.

Being partners in life and work is working well for us. Our work and our lives are intertwined. Which is positive for us, because our work doesn't feel as work, but as a way of living.